Oilfield contractors and project managers know that without access to fresh drinking water, progress can slow and your crew’s comfort and safety can suffer. Tank’d H2O Trucking water delivery divison specializes in the efficient delivery of sanitary, potable water for residential, commercial and oilfield applications.


At Tank’d H2O Trucking, our trucks deliver government-inspected potable water for a variety of oilfield, commercial, industrial and residential uses. Not only is our water high quality, so are our employees. Every employee of Tank’d H2O Trucking is professionally trained, courteous and experienced.

Potable Water Delivery

Tank’d H2O Trucking offers safe, reliable water delivery for the oil, gas, construction and trade industries, as well as individual homeowners. While we generally specialize in large volume loads, we can fill any size and type of container you require, such as hot tubs, swimming pools and holding tanks.

Here are just some of the uses for which we provide water delivery for:

    • Holding Tanks
    • Swimming Pools
    • Hot Tubs
    • Cisterns
    • & More
    • Construction Sites
    • Construction Camps
    • Washroom Trailers
    • Boilers
    • & More
    • Oilfield Camps
    • Drilling Rigs (Bottle Water Supplied)
    • Wellsite Office Shacks
    • Enviromental Emergencies
    • & More

   We truck Potable Water ANYWHERE in Northern Alberta!

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  • "I had our whole family coming over for the long weekend at the lake. With so much going on, I forgot to check out cistren water level at the cabin earlier in the week. Thursday came along and it dawned on me that it had been a while since our last fill. Sure enough, I called Tank'd H2O and they were there for me before the family showed up! Best service around!"

  • "We have been working with Tank'd H2O for years now for potable water delivery up to our remote sites. Even though we are located very far north, Tank'd H2O has always provided reliable, on-time service while at the same time keeping very competitive rates. We could not be happy with their service and quality!"